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Who Are We?

Put simply, we are a family of pinball enthusiasts. We are inclusive, welcoming, and always ready to coach new players into becoming future champions.

Owners Matthew Talley, Cary and Nichole Carmichael opened Lynn's Arcade in 2020, and miraculously survived Covid-19 lockdown with the help of league members.

Since then, the Lynn's family has grown and continues to flourish. Whether you simply want to improve your skills on your own or play in our league (MFP: Monterey Flipper Pinball), we can accommodate your needs.  We can also accommodate both corporate and birthday parties.

With 40 tables, as well as a rotating inventory from the owner's and member's collections, you're sure to find a favorite machine from the early eras to now. Read more about the owners below.

Learn more about playing for Monterey Flipper Pinball, as well as our ladies league, Monterey Ladies Flipper League

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Meet the Owners

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Read All About Us


Monterey County Weekly


The Weston Collective


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