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Pinball League

Play Pinball with Monterey Flipper Pinball

Monterey Flipper Pinball encourages folks of all levels of interest to play Pinball in our League.  MFP provides the opportunity for individuals to regularly participate in social and competitive Pinball League Play.

Here’s How to Join MFP

Just Show Up!  Check our Calendar to get information on the next MFP event.  There are now TWO Leagues

• Monterey Flipper Pinball meets Mondays @ 7:30p*

• Monterey Flipper Ladies Pinball meets Wednesdays @ 7p*

If you are going to be late message the League Commissioner with your arrival time.  If notified, Groups may be held for 15 minutes, at which point you may still join but we will begin to plunge until you are there to play.  Entry fee to Lynn’s Arcade is all you need to pay and All games are set to Free Play.

*Check the Calendar for actual League Nights dates.

MFP League Rules

The Rules for MFP League Play are built to provide a fun and exciting event for all interest levels.  The Rule Set is stewarded by the MFP Board of Directors, and Amendments voted on by the current members of MFP.  MFP is an IFPA sanctioned Pinball League that awards World Pinball Player Ranking points (WPPR) - you will be a World Ranked Player by playing with MFP.


• There are 4 Seasons of MFP League Play in each Calendar Year.

• Each Season is comprised of 10 League Nights, held on Mondays.

• The best 6 League Nights in a Season are tallied.

• Top 8 MFP and top 4 MFLP, respectively, play a finale on a specified day after Night 10.

• Each League Night Players are arranged into Groups of 3 or 4 Players.

• Groups are rearranged between games based on the Current Night’s Standings.

• 5 Games are Played per Night.

• Click HERE for an up-to-date Comprehensive Explanation of the Rule Set that Governs MFP League and Tournament Play.

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